CLICK : Beans 'n Lentils

This photograph shows nine beans, soaked and sprouted in a recycled takeaway container. The original post is here.

This picture is special for me as it is the very first photograph that I took for my food blog. My dear blogger pal, Swati who read through my entire blog, dug this one out and encouraged me to send this to click, hosted by jai & bee.

To be honest, I am rather nervous about this humble entry, as it was never planned as a showcase picture, and moreover as most of you know by now, photography is not my strong point. A quick Google search on recent entries to click threw up such awe inspiring photographs that I just hope you guys don’t laugh at me for sending this to click.

And finally, even though it may sound corny, but for Swati, I want to say :

Friends are people who remember things about you that you have long forgotten yourself.......


  1. :) :) :) a bigg hug >:D<...
    nd plzzz its a good entry ok... so shut upp.. nd b happy that u have an entry for click ... i dont even dare to :)

  2. HeHe!! Look at this chatterbox called Swati, she is shutting you up too!:D

    Great entry, love the 16 beans click!:)

  3. What a nutritious and colorful click! :)
    Btw, to see the other entries for Click, you can visit Jugalbandi and see their 'Image Gallery' which showcases all the entries as and when they are submitted.. :)

  4. that is a lovely click..great entry.

  5. like swati said, atleast you have a CLICK...its a pretty picture, congrats on ur first entry! :-)

  6. thanks for your entry, dear rashmi.

  7. Dear Swats:
    And I dont dare say no to YOU !

    thanks..altho' there only nine beans !and this irl is a goonda!

    thanks for the info.I will have a dekko at all the lovely entries

    ranji, jz, bee

  8. hehe... whats this haan .. u guys r all calling me goonda n all.. haha... par maza aaya...