Meera's Khatarnak Tendlya Talasani ! 'Less is More'

When this month's MBP was announced by my favourite blogger, Nupur, I almost whooped for joy!
Trust Nups to come up with the minimalistic theme of 'Less is More' for MBP, dishes that take less than 5 ingredients to make.
As my first entry, I decied to make the gorgeous
Tendlya Talasani from Meera's lovely blog, a fun recipe where you spank the poor Tendli and garlic into submission to one of the simplest but yummiest side dishes I have had in a long time.
Tendlya Talasani

A word of caution for Clumsies like me; do not be over zealous in smashing up the Tendlis, or your kitchen and clothes will all be splattered like so:

Other than mess up everything around, including my laptop which I had planted in the kitchen so as to not miss any step, I followed Meera's recipe to the T, including adding salt only after the Tendlis had finish cooking.

For those who are planning to try it, I can just say that this recipe is mindblowing, almost literally, as it is not for the faint of heart!

But spice lovers like me will barely be able to let it finish cooking as the tantalizing aroma of chilli and garlic frying together is pure torture! It's no surprise therefore that my finished dish does not look half as good as Meera's, but this did not stop me from enjoying it to the last bit over two dal chawal meals.

My favourite bits were the chilli coated garlic pieces, a perfect complement to the crunchy Tendli. This was my first time making a Konkani dish, and I am completely hooked!

Meera, I totally LOVE the delicious, traditional fare that you cook. Thank you so much for helping me discover the wonderful cooking of your homeland.


  1. HeHe! Love the khatarnak title. So you bashed a few Tendlis! Looks great. Love your pestle and mortar, I have a small and medium sixed marble ones!:))

  2. Meera does whips up wonderful recipes....:)

    Khatarnak for the clothes and ur lappy...seems a delight to the tongue and the stomach

  3. Ravishing colour for the curry.. smashing the tendlis must be such a stress-relieving thing to do.. too bad it was messy :)

  4. nice post//nd nice recipe u chose..

  5. Great entry, looks divine!!!

  6. Had a good laugh reading your post - love that picture of spatter all over!

  7. I'm absolutely drooling on your tendlis! What an awesome way to prepare them with garlic! I got to try this one for sure!

  8. Oh dear! You beat the crap out of the poor tendlis! :D
    I actually like this method 'cos it is so time-consuming to chop it longitudinally into 4(the way I normally do it). By the time I have enough to make a sabji type prepn, I'm actually mad at the poor vegetable! This is good for people like me.:D
    What a great find this recipe is! I like your 2nd pic. ;-)

  9. Oh looks like a butcher shop! hehe, i can see the veg flying or splashing all around ur kitchen :) Good looking one!

  10. Gosh, I was scared reading the title Khatarnak!!:-D I had a good laugh with your talasani escapade. Thanks for trying, dear. It looks really delicious.:-D Sorry, it was messy!! But wasn't it a stress-buster???:-DD

  11. Asha:
    As a thai food fanatic, I could not rest easy till I hunted down this M&P, though the marble ones are so much prettier!

    It was an absolute tongue & tummy delight:)

    I added chilli powder strictly as per Meera's recipe which resulted in the lovely colour. It need not be messy, I just got carried away!

    nyh, madhavi, vanamala:
    thank u pals:)

  12. sra
    wait till I post pics of my lappy and my fav gym t-shirt that I was wearing !

    do try it, it is truly lip smacking !

    True, this method is so much faster and fun than simply chopping the veggies.
    I guess, I just did not realize the power of my heavy duty Thai M&P !

    Yup..I almost butchered the poor tendli and garlic, then spent a long time cleaning up!
    But it was totally-2 worth it !

    Stress buster it sure is, but seems like I am way too stressed out ;-D

    Just wish it looked more like yours..

  13. Woah..that is a mess..there's so much to clean up...anyways the end-result looks worth that mess :)

  14. I love garlic and chillies guessing tendlis are called 'kundrus' too .. this is one dish i'd love to make .. when am hopping mad at something/body ... and still have to cook ... ;-)
    Read your post on the dessert thing ... my thoughts and sentiments exactly ... only you put in in a much better way :-)

  15. Rachel:

    Totally worth it! And smashing them instead of slicing each is so much fun!

    Yes, these are Kundrus. Infact, that's what we call them too:)

  16. loved the second pic how u based the tendlis.. recipe luks yum

  17. I love love love this post! Spanking tendli and garlic into submission indeed :D
    Thank you for this perfect entry for the event.

  18. Hi, Is Tendli the same as Dondakkai in Telugu, and Kovakka in Malayalam. The picture looks like it. I love that vegetable, and this definitely is a nice recipe, I never knew this. Great entry.

  19. Rashmi this recipe is looking wonderful. Must be tasty. added to my favourites. will try soon. keep up posting :).

  20. very mouthwatering .. loved the title :)

  21. Nupur:
    :DD, funny how it sounds now!

    I googled it and it is Dondakkai.If u like this vegetable, you'll love tis recipe:)

    Thank you.Would love to know how yours turned out.

    Thank you:)

  22. Hi,
    looks like lot of work going on in Kitchen LOL...
    In fact I also cooked tendlya but with very less spice, love the crunchy ness of it ...
    katarnaak title is hilarious and this is one great post ...
    hugs and smiles