Sev Tomato Poha

I have been eating poha for as long as I can remember. However,the poha that I grew up eating and the one that I mostly make now are rather different. Till I moved to Bombay, I was only familiar with turmeric-less poha made with a sprinkle of red chilli powder, which tinged it with a gentle pink-brown.

It was in Bombay that I learned how to make batata, kanda poha with the characteristic yellow hue. And recently, after reading Kajal's post on poha, I have started adding freshly chopped tomatoes and sev to the poha, which adds such an interesting texture and flavour to the poha that now we don't like it any other way.

I usually skip potatoes and peas, unless I am making poha or guests as I find it too 'carby' for a regular breakfast. That aside,my method almost the same as Kajal's. Thanks Kajal, for introducing us to these yummy additions to our regular poha. We totally love it !


  1. hi rashmi ,theres something for u in my blog,..dodrop back...

  2. ur poha looks so perfect.. whenever i make it.. my poha gets sticky..i love sev on poha.. sev batata poha.. aah...reminds me of my mumbai n pune days

  3. Great color, will try!:)

  4. I love poha....and adding sev to it makes it so nice and crunchy. Lovely idea.

    the spice who loved me

  5. Hey rashmi.... that looks yummm...:) Its looks so perfect....coool
    I love poha... that reminds me i have to do my grocery... I have added poha in it now..:P

    Yumm Yummm
    Thanx for visiting my blog...really appreciate ur kind words and encouragement..:)

  6. this poha looks so colorful and mouth-watering. Lovely recipe. Thanks for your sweet comments on my daughter's blog. Those really boosted her energy.

  7. Hi Rashmi, thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to discover yours. I haven't seen yellow poha yet (my trips to Bombay are rather infrequent) but I do use turmeric myself when I make it.

  8. this poha looks light, vibrant and inviting.

  9. swati:
    Thanks,my poha also used to be a sticky lump, till I learned the right way from our helper in Bombay, Laxmi.And wow, another Mumbaiwallah discovered !

    Do try it..aapke liye to kuch bhi banana ulte haath ka khel hai..

    I had to re-check a few times to make sure it's really YOU ! I LOVE your blog and am so flattered by your visit !

    thank you so much. poha is always on my grocery list too as we are perpetually running out of it :)

    thanks..and your daughter is an absolute sweetheart. Hugs to her:)

    thanks you so much for coming over.Your warm words and encouragement mean a lot to a newbie like me:)

    Thanks buddy ! So delighted to see your comment.
    Always puts a spring in my step:)

  10. Hi Rashmi, Poha looks good. Poha is so versatile that you just have to try and make it interesting to eat. Good to know yet another Singapore blogger.

  11. Hetal:
    Thanks tou !

    LG Thanks for dropping in and yeah, poha is indispensable!

  12. Hey Delhi Belle
    I belong from Indore but am in Delhi since quite few days. You must be knowing that the best poha is available in Indore and it is the most popular breakfast over there. You can go out and eat Poha even at midnight. But unfortunately I couldn't find a place where I can eat poha in Delhi. Do you have any idea about some restaurant where I can have it?
    Amit (

  13. Hi Amit
    To the best of my knowledge you don't get poha in Delhi outside of homes, although Dilli Haat foodstalls are worth a try just in case the MP/ Maharashtra stall sells poha. If you do come across any other place that does , do let me know as well, would love to try it out.

  14. Thank you so much for your reply. 7 days to go and I will be back to Indore eating poha :). Unfortunately I could not find any place where I can eat poha. But luckily I tasted Chhola Kulcha which is not available in Indore and it was AWESOME. Now I am planning to go to Kaka di Hatti, Chandni Chowk on Sunday. The only flaw is that I have to enjoy the taste alone as no one is there to accompany me :(. Anyways I am sure that I will get an amazing taste at this place.