Shiv’s latest addition to his vocabulary is the word “genius”. I have no idea where and how he picked up this word, but he does manage to use it in the relevant context.
Last week’s sample conversation between me and him: while me and prashant are engrossed in a movie, he sneaks into the kitchen,grabs a handful of his favourite candy and silently consumes the lot. When he is down to the last piece, he feels the urge to confess..mama, I ate a lot of candy, do you want this one ?
When I tell him ...oooh you are so naughty, he replies with utmost seriousness “no mama, I am not naughty, I am a genius”...whaaat ? When did he learn this new word ? I had to reconfirm if I really heard him correctly, I did. He knows what a genius is and when to be one !


  1. I tell u man, kids at this age can be so much fun and exasperating at the same time !