Masala Puri from Aayi's recipe:MBP Streetfood and some awards long due!

MBP Streetfood, now that's my kind of event! My arrival here just in the nick time is usual, notwithstanding my great love for streetfood. This sasta, rasta ka nashta ( inexpensive roadside snack) is often enough my lunch but can rarely make it to the blog as it is hard for me to pause to take pics of chaat, and it gets over way faster than I can make it!

However, finally I resolved that I will halt for a count of 10, click 5 quick pictures and then attack! The other thing was that I wanted to make something totally new but as a hard core chaat aficionado, it was hard to find a popular chaat that I had not tried earlier. My hunt paid off with this recipe at Shilpa's outstanding blog, heartwarmingly named Aayi's recipes.On my few visits to Bangalore, I have surprisingly missed this chaat as there are too many favourites out there to try, but one look at it and I knew we would click! :P

My only two modifications: replacing sweet imli chutney with dry garlic chutney as I am not a big fan of sweet chutney, and skipping carrots which I would have loved but did not have. Both of us were hooked after the first bite and I know now, why this recipe met Shilpa's exacting standards.

A big Thank You to Sia for hosting this event, started by Coffee which helps you discover fabulous gems from our friend's blogs, and choosing street food as it's theme. I still remember Nupur's beautiful & apt desrciption of a vada pav: "the heartbeat of a city in a portable, edible form". To me, nothing else encapsulates the taste of a city like its street food. Food which people across age groups, income level & religion enjoy together. Food which is more customized than what is possible in the finest restaurants. Food that costs next to nothing but feeds the soul.

My salaam to street food !!

I would also like to take this opportunity to pass on some awards that I have been hoarding for a while now. Once a bania, always a bania , I guess:)

Now that I have earned enough sood (interest) on it, let me pass it on to my more deserving blogger pals.

Starting with the adorable Good Chat Award, which I would like to pass on to these newly discovered ( for me!)blogs with honest writing and honest food, where I have learnt some wholesome, delicious , everyday recipes:

Bharti of Veggie Foodist

Sharmila of Kichukon

Nice matters award

The beloved Asha akka of Foodie's hope is not just fab cook, she is also a thoroughly nice person, who takes out time to visit blogs, including those of new comers like me and her lavish praise has encouraged many of us to cook more and better. Thank you Asha, for being so nice.

Nupur of One Hot Stove:

Nupur must be one of the nicest people around, even though I only know her through her writing, I almost feel like she's an old pal. Yay for Nupur!

Sugar & Spice & everything nice is what comes to my mind when I think of Bee. We all know that her food, photographs & writing, all have a punch, but it is nothing compared to how wonderful a person she is. She has added a fabulous word : "possibilitarian" to my vocabulary and hopefully my attitude. Thank you Bee, for being a possibilitarian and showing me that I can 'bee' one too.

You make my day award

Swati of Chatkhor:
Swati & I hit it off almost instantly and what was only a way for me to chronicle recipes has found me a very close friend. Even though most of the time she is all games and masti, she is a very sensitive and warm person at heart . Chatting and talking with her rubs off her 'enthu' on me and makes even my dullest day. To use her lingo, I'm senti about her, and I hope that one day she fulfills all her dreams.

Sharmila of Kichukon:
Even though she has started blogging only recently, in a little over a month, Sharmila has posted 30 recipes! Her food, her writing and her comments are all so comforting and homely. I was deeply touched when on reading my comment on her awesome jolkhaberer torkari, she immediately updated her post with a recipe for the same. Her blog has some lovely nuggets like this really easy & healthy laddoo made out of leftover rotis and delicious ghugni from a stall near Orissa's Konark temple. Even though her blog has had few visitors and fewer commentors, she writes with much more enthusiasm and frequency than a lazy bum like me does. Keep writing girl, I am proud of you , and reading you truly makes my day.


  1. Wow it is just tea time here,woudn't mind that chat plate as it looks super delicious.
    I am going to B'lore soon so as sure going to try this from one of the street shop

  2. YUMMY! I remember the B'lore Masal puri I used to hog!:D
    Thank you little sistah, you are a nice gal too, doesn't feel like you are new blogger. Hugs to you, enjoy the award! Me a possibilitarian too! ;D
    What happened to your font? Shrunk like Swati's font too!Is there a font monster going around?:)

  3. Happycook:
    Lucky you! Have one for me too!

    Small or not, you sure read FAST! Will fix the font now!

  4. chaat looks yummy,,,nice post ...btw ur post are always...good,..congrats for the awards..

  5. That plate of chaat looks divine.. would love to dig in.
    Congrats on your awards DB :)

  6. Thanks so much hon! I am honoured...

  7. I like that- sasta, rasta ka nashta!:D Did u come up with that?

    Congrats on all your awards, Rashmi.

  8. Love the post..U know I had no idea blogging would make me friends. Thanks Rashmi for thinking of me. Its really sweet of you.

  9. First time to your blog:) You have good collection of recipes. Chat looks delicious! Congrats for the awards:)

  10. laavanya:
    Good to see u pal :)

    nahin yaar,am not so smart, probably read it somewhere:)

    nyh, illatharasi
    Thank you both:)

  11. Now that is what I call delectable!

    Congrts on the well-deserved awards.

  12. As usual your writing has put a smile on my face this morning too. Congrats on the awards ! ...and thanks for being so nice to write about me and my blog. ... and an award for me too ?!! I can't believe it !!!Thanks ... but I think i'll read your blog again just to see my name there ;p ... am a loss for words now ... so forgive me if I am not writing all the propah things ...
    Will get me breath back and get back to you again.
    One thing I've learnt from you ... how to spread goodwill with warmth.
    God bless !

  13. I knew I missed something ...2 awards!!correct me ...pls correct me .. :-)

  14. I do love puri. Yours looks so delicious. Congrats on your awards. How wonderful.

  15. Thank you for the award and for your sweet words, my dear!
    I did get your e-mail, and did reply to it promptly too, so perhaps it is stuck in your spam folder? I have re-sent it to you and hope you get it now.
    In any case, let me answer your question here.
    As far as my experience goes, pithale is more of a paste/custard consistency (for lack of better descriptive words) and zunka is the dry form. They do have similar ingredients, and both are equally delicious in my mind. So the main difference is the consistency of the final dish.

  16. Congrats on your awards.
    So much streetfood in blogland that its a visual feast.

  17. Nupur:
    Thank you so much for the nice of you !

    rachel, vegeyum, aparna:
    thank you:)

  18. Congrats on ur awards! and lip smacking masal puri!

  19. Perfect entry for the event, looks mouth-drooling!!!

    Congratulations on ur well deserve awards :))

  20. Delicious and nutritious too! (even if it is is loaded with protein!)
    Congratulations on your awards!

  21. wow, I am drooling at your masala puri.. I'm a big fan of street foods, and your recipe looks delicious... have bookmarked this..

  22. congratulations, and thank you for your kind words, dear rashmi.