Chocolate Fudge

It's a good thing that my dessert making skills are pathetic, else I would have been 5 kgs heavier ! However, this chocolate fudge recipe from the very talented Deeba's blog inspired me for two reasons : It needs all of 5 ingredients, one of which is salt aaand it was whipped up by Domestic Goddess Junior who is less than half my age !
Encouraged by the great results, I set out to try this fudge last night. The only change I made was that I reduced the quantity to less than a third of the original as I did not want 64 pieces of wicked calorie bombs in the house ;-)
A little research on Nigella's recipe on which these are based told me that they are 70 calories a piece. Just right for a euphoria inducing cocoa shot after those dull dinner from leftovers ! See original recipe here :

I used :
1 3.5 oz bar of Lindt Excellence 70% Dark Cocoa Chocolate Bar
1/3 tin of milkmaid condensed milk
( Its so yummy that I can finish half the tin in a go !)
10g unsalted butter ( 3/4 tbsp)
a pinch of salt
handful of pistachios, chopped coarsely
Melt the first four together, mix the last, cool, cut, devour !
For the detailed recipe and pictures, hop over to Deeba's blog.
Thank you Deeba for such a nice recipe, and thanks to your lovely daughter for showing me how its done. Finally, something from your blog, a dessert wrecker like me can make :-)


  1. Hiya Rashmi, my daughter will be over the moon to know you tried something she so enjoyed making. Love your blog name...& thanks for stopping by so i could catch up with your blog. The fudge does look GOOD!!

  2. wow this looks tasty..and yummy..

  3. lovely fudge! looks great.

  4. chocolate fudges look delicious..

  5. those calorie bombs look just perfect.

  6. Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for the compliments..although with all that dark chocolate and nuts in there,it HAD to look delish.


  7. Hello Rashmi,
    I have been eyeing these too from Deeba's blog...though my plan like yours is to make just half the quantity :)

  8. As does almost everything on your blog Bee, including the two of you !TOUCHWOOD

  9. Hey Nandita,

    Thanks for stopping by..just reading about your Happiness Scrapbook makes me feel elevated :-)

  10. the fudge looks great, i'd love to sample some leftovers!:)

  11. Hi Mansi,
    I would be happy to whip it up fresh for you anytime..afterall this is such fun food ;-)

  12. when is it..ijust hope before october..cause me relocating back to india...thanks for appreciating my work...

  13. WOW!! We love fudge at home, make them around Christmas. Looks delicious HB, great job!:))

  14. Asha,

    Thank you for taking the time to drop by:) This fudge IS good and easy.